"Turtle River" from Palm Beach-Loxahatchee Co.

Did you know Loxahatchee actually means Turtle River? Sometimes you throw a word into your marketing just because it sounds funky and has an "x" in it, but these people really knew what they were doing! 

The word is actually courtesy of the Seminole Indians, who said it first in the Miccosukee language. They have a lot of other excellent words for things you can find in Florida, too:

Okeechobee means big water.

Apopka means potato-eating place.

And Miami simply means that place. (I thought that one might be more exotic...at least as exotic as potatoes.)

Florida is full of turtles. We have marine turtles in the ocean, coming up to nest on the Atlantic Ocean side. Year after year they return to their same nesting sites via an internal GPS system that's far more reliable than the one in your car. And every lake and river has freshwater turtles, too, like the one pictured on this crate label.

Palm Beach County is known mostly for golf, wealth, and Donald Trump...but they grow citrus there, too.