Our Story

I created Local Color Collection with the mission of creating unique, high-quality gifts with Old Florida authenticity. There's nothing better than stuff with a story, and that's what we're dedicated to bringing you. 

I live in South Florida and grew up in Sarasota, Florida, on the Gulf coast. The five kids in my family spent our days barefoot, sailing and fishing off the seawall in front of our house on Sarasota Bay. Florida looked a lot different back then than it does now, but the natural beauty of the state hasn't changed.

We've always enjoyed vintage Florida items, from funky flamingo lawn ornaments to old neon motel signs on the highway and travel posters from Pan Am and other now-defunct airlines. I discovered citrus crate labels a few years ago. They've been around since the early 1900's, but many people have never seen them because they really were "insider art." These gorgeous, hard-working labels were adhered to wooden crates of fruit and enjoyed mostly by people in the citrus industry. (Check out our pages here to read more about the history of these great artworks.)

Today these labels are just too good to keep hidden any longer, and they're the inspiration for Local Color Collection. We curate our images carefully to bring you the most delightful designs, and we take pains to reproduce them as close to the originals as possible. 

So whether you're an art lover, a fan of vintage, a friend of Florida, or you live here, we hope you'll browse the site and enjoy what you see. And be sure to check back often! We'll be adding new designs regularly. 

FWF logoBy the way, we donate a portion of our proceeds to the Florida Wildlife Federation, a state affiliate of the National Wildlife Federation. For more than 70 years, FWF has done great work as a private, non-profit organization composed of people working to preserve, manage, and improve Florida's fish, wildlife, soil, water, and plant life.

After all, if the wildlife goes away, then all we'll be left with are giant cartoon mice.

We'd love to hear what you think of Local Color Collection. Click here to get in touch with comments, questions, product requests, or just to say hello. 

Thanks for visiting!

Claire Vande Polder