"Alligator Supreme" from Alva Packing Company

 This alligator is serving up a tray of fresh Florida oranges. Well, I did not see that coming!  If you don't think that's hilarious, then look closer. 

Come on: he's smiling. He's welcoming. Look how shiny his teeth are and how perfectly manicured his nails. He's the apex predator, but he's not letting it go to this head. He still knows how to extend the Southern hospitality.

Alva Packing Company in Alva, Florida, was established in 1939. This image was created by the Schmidt Litho Company in San Francisco, CA.

The town of Alva is in Lee County, near Fort Myers. Though not a particularly large center of citrus production, the town has been growing oranges since the early days and continues to do so today. 

I just wish the Alva Packing Company were still around. I have a feeling they probably knew how to throw a pretty good party.